Monday, November 25, 2013

First full week of HBBC..........

As usual I have had a very active week, with pretty poor eating. I need to take the time to shop and prep so the week goes more smoothly. Then to add to the bad eating, my kids came to visit and we snacked and had wine. Love to see them but have never really figured out how to stay on track when guests come or holidays or any other excuse I can think of. Maybe Accountability Monday will help.

Accountability Monday

11/17 - Rest day
11/18 - 60 min. Core Class, this is really fun and goes fast, major DOMS by Wednesday.
11/19 - Trail run 6.6 miles
11/20 - Long run 8 miles S/B 9 but my Garmin went dead and I was tired
11/21 - Did a bunch of RTF mini workouts on youtube 30 min
11/22 - 5 mile hike with breaks for bodyweight exercises, fun to do on the trail with a light dusting of snow.
11/23 - Deer season opener in these parts, took the pup for a 20 minute walk down the drive and back.

Can't find the camera so no pics :(

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