Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Training

At this point the winter is getting a little old up this way, I like it to get cold, stay cold and snow, snow, snow! This week was the dreaded spring thaw, the end to snowmobiling and an increase in stress at the Birkie office with just 10 days to get through until the big cross country ski race.

I signed up for a few races this week, trying to get a little motivation to run in this strange weather. I had to drive down my driveway to get to to the road to run, it was solid ice, but the road was good and I ran my regular 4 miler, it was only about 10 degrees and sunny.

The resort was quiet this weekend, we had two cabins full, some cross country skiers, and 2 ice fishermen. The fisherman I think mostly partied, did catch a few rock bass?? So the panfish were uncooperative.
Sunday is a chill day, stay in watch some of the Daytonna 500, there is a snowstorm coming so probably won't run until tomorrow.

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