Thursday, December 24, 2009


After 13 years I still haven't figured out how to train in the winter. I have spared no expense to stay warm and dry but something always keeps me from walking out the door! Christmas Eve morning and I am watching a snowstorm roll through our area, pretty sure the only exercise I'm going to get is shoveling. My last run was last Sunday a 30 minute dash across Moose Lake to make sure all the slush was gone. I had cross country skied both Friday and Saturday and both ankles were slightly swollen?? crappy boots or bad technique not sure which. The rest of the week was taken over with Christmas shopping and getting the resort ready for guests. They are supposed to arrive on the 25th, hopefully the storm won't keep them home. So what is my plan to get my 2-3 runs in this winter? anyone with any suggestions? I think I will cut myself some slack over the holidays and try to get in 2 runs, 2 skis and 2 video workouts by the 1st of the year. Thankfully there is always a January 1 to start over on...

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