Sunday, November 29, 2009

Made it to day 9 of the Wisconsin Deer hunt with 2 runs and a Friday Turkey Trot. This was no ordinary trot but was done on the hills of Telemark Resort in Cable, WI. When I say hills I mean downhill ski trails. Not sure how far we trotted, ran, walked & hiked, but all those were required because of the steepness of the hills. My time was 25 min, 26 sec., no I did not win nor did I get a prize, but 4 fast women did and congrats to them because it was tough!
As for the resort the hunters dwindled down to just one left today, still out in the woods. It is finally starting to look a little winter like with a trace of snow and near freezing temps, I really love this time of year, especially for running.

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